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About Unapologetic beauty

Hey UBeauty family! DeKera Williams is the  Proud Owner of Unapologetic Beauty. Unapologetic Beauty was founded for the love of makeup. The inevitable happen in 2015 a tomboy at it's finest got introduced into the makeup world and never looked back she was in love. She knew at that moment she could wear and love makeup and could still be her tomboy self UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Unapologetic Beauty is a line of cosmetics, geared towards self-empowerment and unapologetic confidence. Describing Unapologetic Beauty in one word would be UNAPOLOGETIC. Because We are not apologizing for being who we are and what we love and if I feel like that others do too. That's why Unapologetic Beauty was and is the perfect name. Unapologetic Beauty personality is very outgoing upbeat, fun, loving and playful. Unapologetic if for the culture! 

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